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Mayer Hair

Society Lace

Society Lace

Our colour "24/22+12"

Take a look at how the colour "24/22+12" looks on other wigs.

Care instructions

Add Gisela Mayer special shampoo to lukewarm water. Turn the wig and wash gently in the solution, pressing carefully, do not rub or wring.

Rinse carefully in clear water and allow to drip dry.

After-treatment with care balm: Add some special balm to lukewarm water. Now place your second hairstyle in this solution for approx. 5 minutes. The balm makes the hair fiber supple again and gives it a natural shine.

Remove your second hairstyle from the care solution without rinsing it out. Turn the hairstyle over again and gently shape it with your fingers.

Then leave the wig to air dry. Please ensure that the hairstyle is not stretched out while drying. It is best to dry on a wig stand.

Please note: Avoid heat and steam (oven, grill, sauna, hair dryer, etc.). Never brush wigs and hairpieces when they are wet.

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