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Mayer Hair

Luxery Lace C

Luxery Lace C

Care instructions

Wigs made of human hair should always be cared for in the same way as sensitive or damaged natural hair. Please remember that a wig should not be brushed or combed when extremely wet, as the hair always swells during washing and knots can come loose. It is better to remove small tangles by carefully combing and combing through before washing.

The use of special Gisela Mayer wig combs and brushes ensures that the delicate material is not damaged. Or spread the fingers of your hand like a comb and go through the hair from top to bottom, but avoid tugging.

Handling wig shampoo

A good professional Gisela Mayer wig shampoo has a self-cleaning effect. Add a few squirts of the shampoo to approx. one litre of lukewarm water. Place your human hair wig in the resulting self-cleaning bath for approx. ten minutes. Then rinse it thoroughly under lukewarm but running water. It is advisable to treat the human hair wig with a conditioner or treatment after washing. Gisela Mayer also has special care balms for human hair wigs.


After the wash and conditioner treatment comes the styling. You can now blow-dry your human hair wig into shape, twist it on rollers or leave it to air-dry and later, if you wish, use a curling iron. If the golden rule for washing is "as often as necessary, as little as possible", the golden rule for styling could be "less is more". When styling your human hair wig, simply try to avoid doing anything that would damage your own hair. Washing or blow-drying your hair too hot will damage it.


Unfortunately, even the highest quality human hair wig tends to lose its lustre after a certain amount of time. After all, the hair is not regularly moisturised by the sebaceous glands of the scalp as is the case with natural hair. If your human hair wig has become a little dull, a shine spray specially designed for wigs will help.

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