Caring advice for wigs (human hair and synthetic hair)

Please find below useful care tips for your hair replacement:

Human hair

Wigs made of human hair should be cared for intensively, just like sensitive or strained natural hair. Please remember never to comb the wig when it´s wet. The knotting could become undone when hair is soaked with water. It is better to remove entanglements in the hair by carefully combing before washing.
The use of our special Gisela Mayer wig brushes ensures the sensitive hair doesn´t take damage. You can also go thru the hair with your spread fingers from top to tips to remove tangles carefully.

Use of wig shampoo

Our professional Gisela Mayer wig shampoo disposes a self-cleaning effect. Some splashes of shampoo are added to approx. 1 liter of tepid water. Put your human hair wig into this mixture. Let it soak for about 10 minutes. Then rinse it under also tepid, but flowing water till solution is washed out. It is advisable to treat the human hair wig with a balm, deep conditioner or a serum for the tips after washing. We also offer special Gisela Mayer care balms and conditioners for human hair wigs.

Now some styling tips. You can now blow-dry your human hair wig, put the hair on rollers or allow it to dry naturally and do the styling later. You can, if you want, use a curling iron or other equipment to bring the hair in shape after it´s fully dried. The golden rule for washing is to do it as often as you need to, but as seldom as possible. Same applies for styling: "Less is more". Simply think of the effects that styling and wrong care would have on own hair. Washing hair hot, using blow dryers or straightening irons would also damage your own hair.


Unfortunately also the highest-quality human hair inclines to lose the shine after a certain time (the hair is not supplied with grease by the suet glands of the scalp regularly). If your human hair wig has become a bit dull a special shine spray for wigs takes remedial action.

Care synthetic hair

Add Gisela Mayer wig shampoo to lukewarm water. Turn the wig in the solution wash it carefully. Do not rub or wring it. After washing rinse it with clear water and let it drain.

Care for it with balm: Give some special balm in lukewarm water. Leave your hair replacement for approx. 5 minutes in the solution. The balm makes the fiber smooth and gives natural shine. Take your wig out of the solution, do not rinse, but let it drain. Put it into a towel and press gently (don´t rub) to get the remaining water soaked up.

Afterwards put the wig on a wig stand and let it dry. Please make sure the wig is not expanded while drying.

Please note: Avoid heat and steam (oven, grill, sauna, hair blow-dry etc.).  Don´t brush wigs and hairpieces while they´re wet.
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